Key Biodiversity Areas in Ontario 2022: Progress and Next Steps
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May 26, 2022

A virtual discussion about progress over the last year of work, and next steps for the Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) program in Ontario.

Meeting objectives:
– Provide updates on the progress of the KBA initiative in Ontario to date and next steps for the initiative.
– Share information on the KBA process in Ontario, including approach, research and information needs, potential sites and species of interest, and opportunities for collaboration.
– Build understanding of what KBAs represent, how they are identified and their relevance to land management and conservation.

Introduction to Canada’s KBA Program – Peter Soroye (WCS Canada)
Progress on Birds Canada’s IBA-to-KBA crosswalk – Amanda Bichel (Birds Canada)
Progress and next steps for identifying new KBAs in Ontario – Robyn Rumney (WCS Canada)
Co-developing a KBA proposal: Ojibway Prairie Complex – Jonathan Choquette (Wildlife Preservation Canada)
Questions and discussion period on Ontario’s KBA process and opportunities for collaboration

We are grateful to the many funders supporting the work on KBAs in Ontario, notably the Greenbelt Foundation

May 26, 2022
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