What can you do?

Canada’s KBA program represents an ambitious effort to map, monitor, and conserve the most important places for nature in the country. Want to get involved? You can help monitor and steward Canada’s Key Biodiversity Areas! 

We invite individuals, communities, organizations, and other stakeholders to support the KBA Program. There are many ways you can help conserve Key Biodiversity Areas and engage with the KBA Program: 

  1. Suggest areas that should be considered for KBA status
  2. Make others in your community aware of local KBAs and their importance for protecting biodiversity
  3. Help us monitor the health of KBAs or take part in efforts to restore or enhance sites (see info in Caretaker section below)
  4. Financially support efforts to expand the KBA network and protect biodiversity
  5. Collaborate to conserve, protect, and safeguard these important places, for today and for posterity.
Becoming a KBA Caretaker

If you’re interested in becoming more involved with a specific KBA or multiple KBAs, consider becoming a Caretaker and joining a network of over 300 individuals across Canada. Caretakers are community stewards, carrying out conservation actions at their KBAs to help slow the loss of biodiversity. Coordinated Caretaker activity will allow us to improve stewardship of particularly vulnerable sites, and highlight how KBAs already preserve biodiversity. 

To volunteer as a Caretaker, support a regional KBA Program or learn more about how you can be involved, please contact Amanda Bichel, KBA Coordinator (abichel@birdscanada.org).

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