KBA Canada Coalition

The KBA Canada Coalition is composed of organizations and individuals with an interest in identifying and using information about KBAs. There is no formal commitment required for KBA Coalition membership, but members of the KBA Coalition have the opportunity to: 

If you are interested in joining the KBA Canada Coalition, learning more about it or proposing an area as a KBA, please contact us. 

Experts and knowledge-holders can also participate in the KBA initiative in their individual capacity. Contact us if you would like to be involved as an expert or contributor.

See some of the member organizations of the KBA Canada Coalition below:

Secretariat and Advisors

KBA Canada Secretariat

The KBA Canada Secretariat is responsible for steering the national KBA initiative. Formed of staff from across WCS Canada, Birds Canada, and NatureServe Canada, the Secretariat supports the development of KBA proposals, coordinates activities between members of the KBA Canada Coalition, and liaises with the global KBA Partnership. 

WCS Canada

Birds Canada

NatureServe Canada

Steering and science committees

KBA Canada activities are overseen by steering and science committees made up of representatives from member organizations and individuals with expertise related to conservation planning.

Current steering committee members:

Science and knowledge advisors to national program:

KBA Coordinators

The work of identifying global and national KBAs across Canada is currently led by regional and thematic coordinators, who are connected to local conservation networks and experts on the regional flora, fauna, and ecosystems. If you’d like to find out more about KBAs in your area or if there’s a site you would like to propose as a KBA, please send us a message through the contact us page.

Past Regional Coordinators

KBA Canada is also incredibly grateful to the past coordinators who have committed their time, energy, and passion towards identifying KBAs across Canada: