KBA Information Session for IBA Caretakers and Volunteers
Feb 24, 2022

An information session on KBAs and the IBA-to-KBA transition, led by Birds Canada and Wildlife Conservation Society Canada.

Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) are an important starting point in determining KBAs in Canada, given the similarity of IBA and KBA criteria, and the existing history of stewardship and local engagement already around IBAs. Canada’s 582 IBAs support significant populations of at-risk and congregatory bird species. IBAs are recognized internationally and have been important for engaging land stewards through the Caretaker Network, establishing conservation reserves, and guiding land-use decisions.

Birds Canada has undertaken an analysis to “crosswalk” their IBAs to the new KBA standard, but as IBAs transition into KBAs, the traditions of local stewardship that Caretakers and volunteers have built to will not change. Birds Canada will continue engaging Caretakers and volunteers to lead stewardship efforts at KBAs and to lean on the network for local bird knowledge to support the collection and integration of trigger bird species data to fill data deficiencies and monitor KBAs over time. The crosswalk to KBAs will only help highlight the other incredible biodiversity in and around IBAs.


Review the foundation of IBAs – Amanda Bichel, Ontario IBA Coordinator, Birds Canada
Introduction to KBAs – Dr. Peter Soroye, KBA Assessment and Outreach Coordinator, WCS Canada
IBA/KBA Transition – Jeff Driscoll, KBA Technician, Birds Canada
Case Study Example – Amanda Bichel and Jeff Driscoll


Check out some of the resources mentioned during the webinar:KBA Story Map(IBA to) KBA Map Viewer with bird KBA thresholds calculatorNew KBAs in Progress Map ViewerGlobal and National Standards for Identifying KBAs

Feb 24, 2022
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