Envisioning Compatibilities between Mi’kmaq Environmental Values and KBA Criteria in Mi’kma’ki
Jan 22, 2021

This webinar is presented by WCS Canada/U of Guelph post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Jeffrey Wall. Dr. Wall is an ethnobiologist currently working with Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership, U of Guelph and WCS Canada to develop a conceptual framework capable of envisioning win-win scenarios between First Nations environmental values and biodiversity conservation priorities from the global level. In this webinar, he shares his work, and the work of Roger Lewis (Mi’kmaq Cultural Heritage Curator at the Nova Scotia Museum), a collaboration that is exploring how they are employing a cultural landscapes perspective to explore compatibilities between Mi’kmaq Peoples’ legacy of and value for environmental health in Mi’kma’ki and emerging Key Biodiversity Areas in Mi’kmaq traditional territory.

Video links:

Albert Marshall on expansive views on Two-Eyed Seeing.

Roger Lewis on resource use in water ways.

Roger Lewis on mobility in waterways.

Jan 22, 2021
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