KBA Canada analysis dashboard
Jan 06, 2023

Blog writer: Peter Soroye, KBA Assessment and Outreach Coordinator, Wildlife Conservation Society

By recognizing KBAs across Canada, we are highlighting some of the most important remaining places for biodiversity, and highlighting the species and ecosystems that Canadians have an important responsibility to protect. Mapping out these sites, large and small, protected and unprotected, remote and accessible, helps identify the network of areas that need to be protected to avoid the loss of species and ecosystems from Canada and the world.

The KBA Canada analysis dashboard is updated in real time and shows the locations of accepted and candidate KBAs across the country, along with some advanced breakdowns and summaries of the KBA information collected to date.

The work to identify KBAs in Canada is ongoing and sites will be added and removed from this dashboard as they are proposed and reviewed by experts. Once a site is confirmed to qualify as a KBA, broader outreach to rights holders and stakeholders will occur. If you have comments or questions about a specific site, please get in touch.

Click here for the full-page dashboard, and note the tabs at the bottom to switch between information views.

Jan 06, 2023