Enter the KBA Canada Photo Contest!
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Sep 18, 2023 post image

Hello KBA Community,

Get your cameras ready!! 📸

The KBA Canada Photo Contest is live! We invite photographers of all levels and ages to enter our photo contest from Sept 18 until Oct 10, 2023, and help us showcase the natural beauty and importance of Canada’s KBAs and the biodiversity that calls them home.

Photos submitted to the contest should be taken from KBAs (or Candidate KBAs) OR should feature species or ecosystems that are having KBAs identified for them. To find out what places across Canada are KBAs or Candidate KBAs, visit the Map Viewer on our website (TIP: turn on “Candidate KBAs” in the Legend on the bottom right to see KBAs-in-progress). Find out which species or ecosystems are being considered for KBAs by clicking on Candidate KBAs in the Map Viewer, exploring the Species Search on our website, or by checking the list here.

For more information on eligibility and photo submission guidelines, please see the full contest rules on the KBA Canada website. For questions about contest rules and eligibility, please contact Peter Soroye at psoroye@wcs.org .

Join us in celebrating the beauty and importance of Canada’s Key Biodiversity Areas through the lens of your camera. Show the world the treasures that need our protection. Good luck, and happy viewing!

Enter your images to the Contest here!

Contest Categories:

  1. Fauna: From birds to bugs, snakes to seas slugs and everything in between, capture the incredible animal life found within Canada’s KBAs. Show us your photos of the remarkable wildlife that these areas highlight.
  2. Flora and Fungi: Whether beautiful flowering orchids, underappreciated grasses and sedges, or the intricate beauty of a moss or lichen, show us your best photographs of the plants and fungi within KBAs.
  3. Landscapes and Scenery: Highlight the breathtaking landscapes, habitats, and scenic views that define Canada’s KBAs. From majestic mountains to serene wetlands, let your photographs speak to the importance of these areas.
  4. People and conservation: Showcase the efforts, initiatives and people dedicated to enjoying and conserving KBAs in Canada. Photographs in this category should focus on people in KBAs or capture the projects and actions that contribute to the preservation of these vital areas.
Sep 18, 2023